Nordic Testing Days 2018 Playlist on Youtube


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Angie Jones – The Reality of Testing in an Artificial World 
Anne-Marie Charrett – Screw Testing, Let’s Talk Quality 
Karen Burns – Stress Test – the Anatomy of a Burnout 
Kristel Kruustük – From Being a Tester to Changing The Way QA is Done- My Trials and Tribulations


Claire Reckless – The Fraud Squad – Learning to Manage Impostor Syndrome as a Tester 
Daniel Knott – 10 Mobile App Testing Mistakes to Avoid 
Dmitry Vinnik – From Robotium to Appium Choose Your Journey 
Gwen Diagram – How to Win with Automation and Influence People 
Jan Sahlström – A QA’s Role in a Devops World – Quality Initiatives in the Devops Tool Chain 
Jevgeni Demidov – How-To Guide- Statistics Based on the Test Data 
Joep Schuurkes – How This Tester Learned to Write Code 
Joep Schuurkes and Helena Jeret-Mäe – The Four-Hour Tester 
Johan Sandell – Power of Orthogonal Pairing in Devops Quality 
Kyle McEvoy – Test Automation in Python 
Maaret Pyhäjärvi and Ivan Turbin – Harnessing the Power of Learning 
Marcel Gehlen – Final Frontier Testing in Production 
Martin Aun – Flaky Tests – Getting out of the Re-Run Cycle 
Raluca Morariu – Automation – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly 
Ronnie Østgaard – House of Cards – Software Testing Lessons from Frank Underwood 
Rosie Hamilton – Discovering Logic in Testing 
Sharanya Viswanath – Build and Test with Empathy 
Uladzislau Ramanenka – Pros of Proactive Ios App Profiling as a QA Pro 
Heather Reid – We’re in This Together – Mentoring a New Tester as a New Tester


Beren Van Daele, Marcel Gehlen – (Re)Invent Your Test Strategy 
Erik Brickarp and Helena Jeret-Mäe – A Crash Course in Low Pressure Test Coaching 
Gerald Mücke and Simon Berner – Front Line Survival Guide 
Gil Zilberfeld – Real-Life Test Maintenance – Anti-Patterns, Refactoring and Reviews 
Hugh McCamphill – End to End Tests with Protractor 
Michael Bodnarchuk – Effective End 2 End Testing with CodeceptJS 
Rasmus Koorits – Improving Subjective Testability with Fiddler 
Kristjan Triebstok and Valdo Purde – Automated Tests for Android Mobile with Java + Appium 
Daniel Billing – Web Application Security