Lightning Talks at NTD 2017
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Alan Richardson – Creating Yourself as a Tester – Make Your Own Testing Path
Fiona Charles – 10 Commandments for Ethical Software Testers
Henrik Roonemaa – Enjoy The Ride
Kristjan Korjus – Building Smart And Reliable Self Driving Robots


Amit Wertheimer – Threat Modeling – Masking Testing with Big Words
Carly Dyson – The Trials and Tribulations of a Non-Functional Test Consultant
Ceren Şahin Gebizli – Designing Tests For Smart TVs
Daniel Knott – How to Scale Mobile Testing Across Several Teams
Erik Brickarp – 10 Non-Obvious Tips to Testers
Erik Davis – Big Ships are Hard to Turn (Quickly): Navigating Towards the Automation Promised Land
Gwen Diagram – Determining Your Application’s Heartbeat Through Monitoring and Logging
Hugh McCamphill – Test Trend Analysis: Towards Robust, Reliable and Timely UI Tests
Iván López – Test Your Java Applications with Spock
Kevin Harris – Not Making a Drama Out of a Crisis: How we Survived Losing One Third of our Testers Overnight
Lars Sjödahl – Using Versatile Power-Tools for Testing Embedded Systems Efficiently
Maaret Pyhäjärvi – A Chase of Incremental Improvement
Maaret Pyhäjärvi – Learning Programming by Osmosis
Margareta Muru – How to Give More Value to Business as a Tester
Melissa Marshall – Integration Testing: You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means
Nicola Sedgwick – Do Testers Need a Thick Skin? Or Should We Be Proud of Our Humanity?
Oleg Nikiforov – Analysis and Modification of Mobile Applications Traffic
Risko Ruus – A Story of a Tester Building His First Mobile App
Stephen Janaway – Up and Away? How Moving Into Software Management Gave Me a Different View Of Testing
Sven Kroell – Code Quality for Test Frameworks
Torbjörn Ryber – Design Thinking In A Nutshell
Gualtiero Bazzana – ISTQB®Evolution


Alan Richardson – Just Enough Javascript To Be Dangerous
Corina-Adina Pip – Selenium tests, the Object Oriented way
Gil Zilberfeld – Fractal Test Planning – Building Strategies in Context
Mark Winteringham – How to Build a Robust API Checking Framework
Raj Subramanian – De-Mystifying Mobile Application Testing – a Hands on Approach
Sami Söderblom – Me, Myself and Siri
Franziska Sauerwein – Refactoring JUnit Tests