We have published Nordic Testing Days 2013 picuters to Facebook. Everybody can see the pictures from here: http://on.fb.me/103jDIx


Andrei Solntsev – Software Creator TDD workshop
Anton Keks – Being a professional software tester
Alon Linetzki – People as the dominant Factor in successful testing projects
Antti Pohjonen – Continuous delivery and test automation in Agile projects with Robot Framework
Armando Dörsek – Agile BI Testing
Bram Bronneberg – Risk for Scrummies – how to tackle product risks in Agile environment
Geoff Thompson – Deliver in partnership – true quality
Helena Jeret-Mäe – Knocking on the Door with Kinder Surprise in Hand: Experience Report on Building and Maintaining Relationship
Jari Mäkeläinen – Beaver Card – You just don’t know how
Julian Harty – Symbiotic Relationship Between Testing and Analytics
Kristjan Uba – Save the Championships! – A Testing Challenge
Jüri Harju – Micro-migration: transferring sets of test data between database schemas
Kristel Viidik – How to build quality products
Kullo Raiend, Dean Felmly-Leesmen – Automated Model-Based Web Testing with Selenium
Magnus Hillermaa – Helping Engineers to Grow
Margus Simson – Buying an acronym for a huge amount of money
Mati Parv – BDD and test automation – how not to shoot yourself in the foot
René Tuinhout – Passionate Partering, for Testers
Sami Söderblom – Building The All-Star Lineup of Quality
Torbjörn Ryber – The Power of Three
Uri Nativ – QA without QA
Valdo Purde – Automated web testing with Selenide