Pictures by Guna Petrova


Rob Lambert – Why Remaining Relevant Is So Important
Rob Sabourin – Value Sync
Tiina Seeman – Being an Agent of Personal Change


Adam Howard – Agents of Testing: Earning your Empowerment
Bill Matthews – Re-imaginging Testing for Your Context
Daniel Billing – The Testing of Fear
Emanuil Slavov – Automation Testing of Legacy Applications
Erik Brickarp – Going Exploratory
Ilari Henrik Aegerter – Breathing the Breath of the Monster – Combining Agile and Context-Driven
Ioan Todoran – The Tester: An Unexpected Journey
Jokin Aspiazu – From Scrum to Kanban
Katrina Clokie – Sharing Testing with Non-Testers in an Agile Team
Kristoffer Nordström – Gamification – How to Engage Your End Users
Lars Sjödhal – Absence: much ado about nothing
Lee Hawkins – Growing Testing Skills Using the Agile Testing Ecosystem
Neil Studd – Weekend Testing Europe: A Behind-the-scenes Guide to Facilitating Effective Learning
Radomir Sebek – You don’t need to be a musican to test music production software
Raimond Sinivee – What and how to change about testing framework that is not giving actionable results?
Richard Bradshaw – WebDriver Beyond Checks
Sami Söderblom – They made me a combat medic?!
Stephen Janaway – Why I Lost My Job as a Test Manager and what I Learnt as a Result
Tarvo Raudvere – How to minimize manual job at automated testing
Toby Sinclair – Practical tips for pairing with developers
Mait Peekma – Breaking Internet of Things


Derk-Jan de Grood – Test Progress Reporting in Agile Context
Katrina Clokie – Become someone who makes things happen
Kristjan Uba – Bug Triage – Can we all agree?
Raimond Sinivee – Why testers should know about TDD and how we can use it?
Sami Söderblom – If James Bach and Mary Gorman had a baby, how would it test?