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How to test an ecosystem? – Andres Kütt
Lloyd Roden – Top Challenges We Face in IT Today
State of The Net – Mikko Hypponen
Why Does Software Have Bugs? – Targo Tennisberg


A Teaching Adventure: Sharing Testing Culture in Cambodia – Francois Le Notre
Automated Acceptance Test by Developers and Automated Functional Testing by Testers – Gowrishankar Sundararajan
Automated Accessibility Testing in the Continuous Integration Pipeline – Jesse Beach
Avoiding Environmental Pains – Lim Sim
Bake Your Own Software Testing World Cup (STWC) – Maik Nogens & Alina Avadani
Behaviour Driven Development, BDD, with Cucumber for Java – Thomas Sundberg
BugHunting in Practice at NOKIA – Széll Szilárd
Collaboration, Not Just Co-Location: How to Get the Most out of Agile Team Practices – Abby Bangser
Corpus Distillation & Fuzz Testing – Jaanus Kääp
Designing UX for Elderly People – Slava Fjodorov
Extending Selenium Beyond Its Capabilities – Rainar Ütt
Gamification in Software Testing – Jana Gierloff
Grallimatics – the Grammar of BS – Lars Sjödahl
Graphical Test Planning: a Method for Real Impact – David Bradley
How Can Testing Teams Play a Key Role in Devops Adoption? Get a Practical Answer – Rameshkumar Bar
How Release Management Can Help to Improve Quality – Rainar Ütt
How to Test in IT Operations – Jesper Lindholt Ottosen
Mobile App Testing Is Not Something Special – Simon ‘Peter’ Schrijver
Test Automation in Three Different Ways – Joep Schuurkes
Test Hard (Or Then Just Aim for Better Testability) – Anssi Lehtelä
Testing a Smart Home – Geraldine Owen and Peter Varhol
Testing in the age of complexity – Bill Matthews
Testing or Hacking: Real Advice on Effective Security Testing Strategies – Daniel Billing
Testing Pipedrive Aka How to Effectively Forget Everything You Know About Testing – Tiit Paananen
Testing Responsive Websites – Gita Malinovska
The Empowered Tester: How To Test & Release 32 Sites Daily and Keep Sane – Nikita Hasis
The Test Report Is Dead. Long Live Information! – Gerlof Hoekstra
Web Application Performance from User Perspective – Jacek Okrojek
When Going Live Means Launch, Literally: Testing Impressions from the Space Domain – Martin Jüssi


Automating Everyday Tasks for Better Productivity (solutions: http://alturl.com/8h5yh) – Predrag Skokovic
Getting Started with JMeter – Ruben Olsen Lærk
Mastering Testing Challenges – Kristjan Uba
Using Retrospectives for Better Quality Assurance – Ruben Olsen Lærk