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Taavi Sonets

Once upon a time, Taavi used to be Web Developer. One sunny August day, he discovered that breaking stuff is much more fun than building it. By gaining “accidental access to a system” he managed to get a job within Clarified Security’s web app pen-testing team. For a while, Taavi was happy. Time went on, and Taavi wanted to discover new things. Taavi also wanted to share everything he had learned, so Taavi became security trainer. Initially Taavi taught one security training… then two… now he has four.

Since Taavi never sleeps, and his favorite color is red, he also became Red Teamer. He started slowly, initially doing web-based red teaming attacks for the Locked Shields Cyber Defense Exercise. The next year he was included into the Client Side attacks sub-team. The year after that Taavi was leading a Client Side sub-team. The year after that he was the Deputy Red Team Leader, helping to manage all the other sub-teams and extending a helping hand whenever it was required.

Today Taavi builds, develops and executes Cyber Defense Exercises; is a trainer for four different cyber security trainings (three offensive, one defensive), and also enjoys doing his most favorite thing yet: Red Teaming!