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Karen Burns

Karen has over 10 years of experience working in mainly IT and ICT fields in managerial and business development positions. Currently, she works at CGI Estonia building up their local cybersecurity product portfolio. Before joining CGI, she occupied the role of Head of Business Development for Mooncascade, tripling their annual revenue during her time with the company and successfully expanding their geographical reach as well as building an efficient sales team from the ground up. Karen has also provided strategic consultancy services to various clients and helped Tallinn Design House achieve finalist status at the European Business Awards in Innovation category. 

She has lived and worked in the Middle East as well as in the UK, mainly in managerial positions. In the UK she successfully headed the Project Office team at UK's health regulator's ICT unit, where she established procedures and systems for financial governance processes and reported on a £12M annual budget. Karen is a graduate of University College London and Queen Mary College and is currently finishing her LLB at BPP University in London.

Regular speaker at conferences and events: Google Baltics (keynote), Frankfurt Mobikon, Telia VUNK accelerator and many others.