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BDD Test Automation in Java with Cucumber and Serenity BDD

Note: There are prerequisites for attending this workshop. Please see the prerequisites section.

Testing has become a team sport, where collaboration is just as important as automation. It is essential to be able to write high quality test automation that is both easy to maintain, easy to understand, and that gives accurate feedback not only to testers, but to the rest of the team as well.

In this workshop, learn how to use Behaviour Driven Development principles to describe acceptance criteria as executable specifications, and then automate them with clean, readable test automation code using Serenity BDD and the Screenplay pattern. The Screenplay Pattern is an innovative approach to writing BDD-style automated acceptance tests that are easier to understand, easier to extend and easier to maintain.

You will learn first-hand how easy it is to understand and extend a test suite built using the Screenplay pattern. And you will see for yourself how Serenity BDD turns the Screenplay tests into clear, living documentation.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how to turn acceptance criteria into executable specifications with Cucumber
  • Learn how to write high quality, reusable test automation code using Serenity BDD and the Screenplay Pattern
  • Learn how to turn automated tests into living documentation that helps not only testers but also developers, BAs and product owners



Attendees will have to bring their own laptops and will need a reasonable knowledge of Java coding.