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How This Tester Learned to Write Code

Every few months the same old question pops up: Should testers learn how to code? And I don't think they do. You can spend a full career in testing, improving your skills every step along the way, without ever feeling the need or want to add coding to your skill set. However, if you are thinking about learning how to write code, I'd like to share three stories with you about how I learned.

The titles of the three stories are: how I got started how I impressed myself for the first time how I finally learned some dev skills. More important than the stories themselves, are the lessons I learned. So I will share some practical advice and some interesting resources. And perhaps most importantly, I will show how two testing skills give you a great advantage when learning how to code.


Key takeaways:

  • Writing a bit of code that's useful to you, is a perfect first step in learning.
  • Iterative development, it works!
  • Developers have interesting heuristics about clean code.
  • Testing skills help you tackle the big and complex task of learning to write code.