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Build and Test with Empathy

Did you know that more than 57 million Americans have one or more forms of disability and so does about 75 million users in EU? That’s roughly one-sixth of the country’s population. With such large user base there are a lot of websites and application that could better accessible. How do you know if you are building your product that serves their needs as well?

With the above preface, I'd like to target by bringing more awareness and being responsible for creating a better talk about why one should care about building an accessible product, how one can develop and test for it and how one could scale development of features with having robust automated tests in place.


  • Why should we care? What are some common accessible features that you can help develop for your product?
  • Color and contrast play
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Screen reading capabilities for your website How do we test for the above?
  • Introduction to powerful tools to leverage How do we scale along?
  • Automated tests FTW (for the win)
  • Introduction to powerful framework to leverage
  • Identification of when to test for what Where can we learn more?
  • Resources to go after to sharpen your technical acument


Key Takeaways:

  • To empower people with building inclusive products
  • Test with empathy
  • Become an advocate for accessibility