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Batman Version Control

One of the most alarming things in our industry is that while we immerse ourselves into the world of containers, unikernels, Internet of Things, robotics, machine learning and neural networks, while we strive to be version 2.0 of ourselves, we forget how to master version 0.1 of ourselves. The basics.

This clinic goes back to the roots and taps into one of the key ingredients of software engineering: version control. We'll go through concepts such as release notes, branching models, numbering schemes, release controls, you name it. As such this would be a bit too basic and wouldn't be worth putting into a conference program, which is why we don't use (just) software to learn about version control. Oh no. We use Batman. :)

Once we're done you are able to do version control not only to software systems, but to pretty much anything. The science of it is not limited to zeros and ones. Once we’re done you’ve gone through fantastic and not-so-fantastic storylines, styles, actors, gadgets and of course those horrible nipples in George Clooney's Batsuit that somehow passed unit tests. :D

Key takeaways:

The participants take home key concepts of proper version control. After this clinic they can apply their new or renewed knowledge about version control in their everyday life as software engineers, or they can demand these skills from others while educating them.