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Flaky Tests - Getting out of the Re-Run Cycle

If you have written and executed automated tests you have seen them doing their job very well, but most probably you have also seen some of the tests both failing and passing on the same code with no apparent reason. The kind of tests that give both failing and passing results on the same code and configuration are called flaky(nondeterministic) tests. Having flaky tests in your testsuite will make your tests unreliable and eventually they will lose their value. When you can’t trust your tests, why do you execute them at all?

During the presentation I will share real life examples of the steps that can be taken to reduce test flakiness and the amount of time spent on handling flaky tests.

Key takeaways:

The attendees will walk away with the following practical tips:

  • how to identify flaky tests how to reduce test flakiness
  • how to live with flaky tests (there will always be flaky tests, but it is possible to make them easier to handle)